Which luxury villas are often being rented in Hanoi? 1

Which luxury villas are often being rented in Hanoi?

Apart from apartment and private house, villa is also one kind of rentals that expats could take into consideration for a living place. Especially if your family has more than 3 people living together and prefers a comfortable accommodation in the long run, this is an option should be listed in your search. The size of villa for rent in Hanoi is quite diverse, ranging from 200 to 500 sqm and they are normally furnished, resulted in variance in price. The below recommendations will give some ideas of popular villa types for rent in the city, which somehow helps you understand the market.

  • Lake view villa

Hanoi is famous for its identity with more than 20 natural lakes and other dozens of functional lakes. Areas around big lakes are always golden land to build villa because of fresh air, spectacular view and green environment. In the Eastern culture in architecture and construction, lake view is a valuable criterion of Feng-shui theory because it can bring about good lucks, fortunes and prosperity to the landlord. Moreover, owning a house near lakes also takes practical benefits. Vietnam is a monsoon tropical climated country in which water will help circulate airflow, balance humidity and cool air. Some of areas covered by lake view villas in Hanoi can be listed down as Hoang Cau, West Lake, Truc Bach, etc. The villas in these areas are often built with spacious balcony directed to the lake which allows people to enjoy precious open sight and fresh air all the time. With the advantage of having an uninterrupted view to the lake, residents will be energized to start the day just by overlooking the water and listen to the whispering wind- an effective therapy to wind up the spirit. It is a pleasure to enjoy the living environment close to green nature after a stressful working day, too.


  • Riverside villa

Located in the Red River Delta, Hanoi is cut by Red River, its branches and many other rivers on the outskirts. You can find a plenty of villas for rent in surrounding areas of these rivers such as Vinhomes Riverside or Mipec Long Bien. Taking only 10 to 15 minutes of driving from the Old Quarter, these areas lead you to a totally different and isolated but still convenient land from the noisy and crowed city. Lush green trees grown along the rivers make the residence more peaceful and romantic than those in the city hub. In such an amazing place, riding bike and running under the shady trees in early morning is a great way to start a new day. Or just sitting at the balcony viewed to the river while sipping a cup of tea in the dawn is worth living, isn’t it? Additionally, the riverside villas are also designed to take advantage of breeze from the rivers which can make inside cool and airy, especially in the summer, and save a bit on monthly electricity bill at the same time.

  • Garden villa

This is one of the most popular types of villa for rent in Hanoi. Making the most use of large land bank, the owners usually spare an area for courtyard with tropical flowers, bonsai trees and green grass besides living area so that the house can be open as much as possible to the nature, and also reduce air pollution. The villa can feature fountain, natural stone décor balanced with table, chair or swing make it like a small customized park in the house. It cannot be more ideal for children to play, make BBQ party or simply take sunbath on weekend. Even though gardening might be quite hard sometimes, it is a leisure activity to free up your mind from work.

  • Garden with pool 

Some villas for rent in Hanoi are even spacious enough for a swimming pool. The pool is found either in front or at the back of the house with a deck chair. It not only creates a luxury atmosphere like in a resort but also allows renters to experience home comfort. For summer months, it is definitely an ideal place for your children to relax and have fun in the sun without being worried about taking care of them in crowded public swimming pool.

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