Introduction Indochina Plaza Hanoi Apartment:

Considered one of the modernest building in Cau Giay district and Hanoi city as well, Indochina Plaza Hanoi  becomes attractive place gradually by Koreans, Japaneses as well as foriegners. Check more here

With total number of apartment (about 386 apartments) from 2-4 bedroom luxury apartments. Two residential towers are set above retail podium and plaza, housing 203 units in East Tower (35 floors) and 183 units in West Tower (31 floors).

  • Floor 6th – 22nd: 8 units/floor, area of 92.71m2, 97.72m2, 110m2, 112m2, 116m2.
  • Floor 23rd-28th  (West tower) and 23rd-33rd:  6 units/floor, area of 128m2, 131m2, 145m2.
  • Floor 29th-30th (West tower) and 34th (East tower): 4 units/floor, area of 200.72m2 and 217.24m2.
  • Floor 31st(West tower) and 35th(East tower): 3 units/floor, area of 270m2.

With modern design and professional services, IPH is really become arrive place in Hanoi Real Estate moment.

2 bedroom apartment: IPH features 136 two bedroom units ranging in size from 93 – 98 sqm with generously sized.


3 bedroom apartment: IPH features 220 three bedroom units with a diverse mix ranging from 110 – 147 sqm. A select group of the three bedroom units will also offer residents the choice to convert the third bedroom into a comfortable den area.


4 bedroom apartment: IPH features 24 exclusive sub-penthouse units in each residential tower. With four bedrooms, these units range between 200 and 217 sqm and feature spacious living areas with stunning panoramic views.


Penthouse: All penthouses exceed 270 sqm and feature grand living areas, also has private swimming pool.



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