When you arrive new City like Hanoi, which location you should live for your settle???

Alpha Housing offer you one of the most perfect place to living in Hanoi city. This is Ciputra Hanoi urban area. Located in Tay Ho District and Nam Thang Long urban. Ciputra Hanoi can be met all your needs like;

Modern economic times, people tend to choose the apartment as a place to retreat was not so alien to residents, but to have a life-worn error with the same utility, similar services have no longer satisfied residents in high demand. And a life with differences in Ciputra urban area will be the life that many people always wanted to get. Apartments in Ciputra there are many different kinds of living area and infrastructure service quality with luxury amenities. Guest pick Ciputra Hanoi apartment will be enjoying the entire utilities that urban areas bring.


The gadgets in Ciputra urban area provided and meet the real needs for residents living in this place such as commercial centers with fully guaranteed products, safety, or just home system restaurant in the center of commerce, recreation area for children, international schools … to bring to residents of modern life and comfort.

Never stop in the utility outside the apartment, but the utility of each apartment inside was enough to make any residents would have to creak like a reasonable design brings luxury apartments, interior interior walls are associated with quality furniture and is moderated thoroughly … security systems and safe houses were also established by the anti-theft lock.

GREEN SYSTEM – air purification


Also owns the advanced facilities on the life at Ciputra there is no difference anymore without a project that has been. It is the guarantee of the urban landscape is always clean, the parking basement was always cleaned regularly to avoid dust, car service regime of the reception staff, security, housekeeping always polite attitude, enthusiastic, affable and civilized.